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BLDGBLOG is an architecture blog authored by futurist Geoff Manaugh, former editor at Dwell magazine, former Editor-in-Chief at Gizmodo, and a contributing editor at Wired UK.
Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motors, BL motors) also known as electronically commutated motors (ECMs, EC motors) are synchronous motors powered by DC electricity via an inverter/switching power supply which produces an AC/bi-directional electric current to drive each phase of the motor via a closed loop controller.
A building or edifice is a structure with a roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place, such as a house or factory.
BLD could refer to:
Shri B. M. Patil Medical College is situated at Solapur road in Bijapur, Karnataka. The college offers educational courses in medicine and surgery leading to MBBS degree.
Bulusu Lakshmana Deekshatulu (born 31 October 1936, India) is an Indian Academic, and an eminent research pioneered in Digital Image Processing, Control Theory.
John Duns, commonly called Duns Scotus (/dʌnz ˈskoʊtəsˌ ˈskɒtəs/; c. 1266 – 8 November 1308), is generally considered to be one of the three most important philosopher-theologians of the High Middle Ages.
BL (or similar) may refer to:
Barrington Lionel "Barry" Driscoll (December 15, 1926 – April 30, 2006) was a British painter, wildlife artist and sculptor.
Berkeley "Bert" Lionel Scudamore Dallard (27 August 1889 – 5 September 1983) was a New Zealand accountant, senior public servant and prison administrator.

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