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The Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen (B of LF&E) was a North American railroad fraternal benefit society and trade union in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
BLF may refer to:
Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a type of a Linux installation and the name of a book written by Gerard Beekmans, and currently mainly maintained by Bruce Dubbs.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) is a labor union founded in Marshall, Michigan, on 8 May 1863 as the Brotherhood of the Footboard.
Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave, released originally as Visitor of America (Hangul: 아메리카 방문객; Hanja: 아메리카 訪問客; RR: Amelika bangmungaeg), is a 1976 Bruceploitation movie starring Bruce Lee impersonator and tae kwon do instructor Jun Chong (using the alias Bruce K.L.
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a Michigan nonprofit organization located in the Manistee National Forest that provides summer fine arts camp and international exchange programs in music, art, dance, and drama.
BLFC may refer to:
Yaoi fandom refers to readers of yaoi (also called Boys' Love or BL), a genre of male-male romance narratives aimed at those who participate in communal activities organized around yaoi, such as attending conventions, maintaining or posting to fansites, creating fanfiction or fanart, etc.
Francesco da Fabriano (2 September 1251 - 22 April 1322) - born Francesco Venimbeni - was an Italian Roman Catholic professed member from the Order of Friars Minor.

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