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BMLG Records, formerly Republic Nashville, is a record label established in 2009 by Universal Republic Records in New York and Big Machine Records in Nashville.
BML Munjal University (BMU) is a fully residential and co-educational private university located in Sidhrawali, Gurgaon district, Haryana, India.
Balkhash (Kazakh: Balqash; Russian: Балхаш, Balkhash) is a city in Kazakhstan, located on the northern shore of the Lake Balkhash, on the Bay Bertys, and in south of Kazakh Uplands.
Balquhidder ( (listen); Scottish Gaelic: Both Chuidir [ˌpɔˈxutʲɪɾʲ] or Both Phuidir [ˌpɔˈfutʲɪɾʲ]) is a small village in the Stirling council area of Scotland.
Begum Bilquis Sheikh (12 December 1912 – 9 April 1997) was a Pakistani author and Christian missionary.
Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir (born 11 November 1990) is a female Muslim American collegiate basketball player for the University of Memphis.
Balqa' (Arabic: البلقاء‎ Al Balqā’) is one of the governorates of Jordan. It is located northwest of Amman, Jordan's capital.
Balqees Fathi (Arabic: بلقيس فتحي‎) (born October 20, 1988 UAE), is an Emirati singer. She came from an artistic family as her father Ahmed Fathi was a well-known Yemeni musician and her mother is from United Arab Emirates.
The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) is a registered non-profit organization based in Lahore, Pakistan, which provides public health and education support to the local community as well as around the world.

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