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BN, Bn or bn may refer to:
The BNSF Railway Company (reporting mark BNSF) is the largest freight railroad network in North America.
Bnei Akiva (Hebrew: בְּנֵי עֲקִיבָא, "Children of Akiva") is the largest religious Zionist youth movement in the world, with over 125,000 members in 42 countries.
The BNC connector (acronym of "Baby Neill Constant") is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable.
Bnei Brak or Bene Beraq (Hebrew: בְּנֵי בְּרַק (audio) ) is a city located on the central Mediterranean coastal plain in Israel, just east of Tel Aviv.
Bnei Sakhnin F.C. (Arabic: اتحاد أبناء سخنين‎, Hebrew: איחוד בני סכנין‎, Ihud Bnei Sakhnin; Ittihad Abna Sakhnin, lit.

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