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bNAber, abbreviated form for broadly neutralising antibodies electronic resource, is an integrated web resource focused on maintaining a comprehensive database of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies (bNAbs).
BNA Records, formerly known as BNA Entertainment, was a label group that shared ties with Arista Nashville and RCA Nashville from parent company Sony Music Nashville, which itself is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.
Bar Mitzvah (Hebrew: בַּר מִצְוָה‎) and Bat Mitzvah (Hebrew: בַּת מִצְוָה‎) (Ashkenazi pronunciation: "Bas Mitzvah") (plural: B'nai Mitzvah for boys, and B'not Mitzvah – Ashkenazi pronunciation: "B'nos Mitzvah" – for girls) are Jewish coming of age rituals.
The Israelites (/ˈɪzriəˌlaɪtsˌ/; Hebrew: בני ישראל‎‎ Bnei Yisra'el) were a Semitic-speaking people of the ancient Near East, who inhabited a part of Canaan during the tribal and monarchic periods.
B'nai B'rith International (English pronunciation: /bəˌneɪ ˈbrɪθ/, from Hebrew: בני ברית‎ b'né brit, "Children of the Covenant") is the oldest Jewish service organization in the world.
The British North America Acts 1867–1975 are the original names of a series of Acts at the core of the constitution of Canada.
Bnashii (also Bnashaai, Bneshaai, Bnechaai, Bnash'i, Arabic: بنشعي‎‎) is a village located in the Zgharta District in the North Governorate of Lebanon.
Bnei Akiva (Hebrew: בני עקיבא‎, lit: Children of Akiva) is the largest religious Zionist youth movement in the world, with over 125,000 members in 42 countries.
Bnaya (Hebrew: בְּנַיָה‎) is a moshav in central Israel. Located in the Shephelah near Ashdod, Gedera and Yavne, it falls under the jurisdiction of Brenner Regional Council.
Bnei Brak (Hebrew: בְּנֵי בְרַק‎ (audio) , bənê ḇəraq) is a city located on the central Mediterranean coastal plain in Israel, just east of Tel Aviv.

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