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BNB may refer to:
Late church cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach refers to sacred cantatas he composed after his fourth cycle of 1728–29. Whether Bach still composed a full cantata cycle in the last 20 years of his life is not known, but the extant cantatas of this period written for occasions of the liturgical year are sometimes referred to as his fifth cycle, as, according to his obituary, he would have written five such cycles – inasmuch as such cantatas were not late additions to earlier cycles (e.g.
BN Bank ASA, formerly known as Bolig- og Næringsbanken, is a Norwegian commercial bank based in Trondheim with a branch office in Oslo.
B&N Bank (Russian: ПАО "БИНБАНК") - B&N Bank is one of Russia’s largest commercial banks organized as a public joint-stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation.
The BN Biscuit (or Biscuiterie Nantaise) is a French brand of biscuit, consisting of a filling, such as chocolate, sandwiched between two biscuits.
B. N. Banerjee (1916-2002) was a Bengali speaking Indian lawyer and parliamentarian.

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