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Mongolia (Mongolian: Монгол Улс; Mongol Uls), also known as Outer Mongolia; officially the Mongolian People's Republic (Mongolian: Бүгд Найрамдах Монгол Ард Улс (БНМАУ), Bügd Nairamdakh Mongol Ard Uls (BNMAU)) is the period of Mongolian history which existed between 1924 and 1992 as a unitary sovereign socialist state in East Asia.
The Central Bank of Malaysia (Malay: Bank Negara Malaysia), abbreviated BNM, is the Malaysian central bank.
BNML may refer to:
Bank Negara Monetary Notes (BNMN) are securities issued by Bank Negara Malaysia replacing the existing Bank Negara Bills (BNB) for purposes of managing liquidity in both the conventional and Islamic financial market.
Bratindra Nath Mukherjee (1 January 1932 – 4 April 2013) was an Indian historian, numismatist, epigraphist and iconographist, known for his scholarship in central Asian languages such as Sogdian.
In mathematics, a root system is a configuration of vectors in a Euclidean space satisfying certain geometrical properties.
β-Methylamino-L-alanine, or BMAA, is a non-proteinogenic amino acid produced by cyanobacteria. BMAA is a neurotoxin and its potential role in various neurodegenerative disorders is the subject of scientific research.
BN Music, formerly known as VIP Produkcija (English: VIP Production), is a record label and media distribution company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded and owned by Bosnian businessman Ivan Todorović.
BN Music is a Bosnian commercial cable television channel based in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This television channel is part of RTV BN television network company and it broadcasts pop, rock and turbo-folk music and music shows from BN Radio.

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