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Bpeace (Business Council for Peace) is a not-for profit organization based in New York City, and founded in 2002. Bpeace operates under the slogan, “Bpeace believes the path to peace is lined with jobs.” And that “More jobs means less violence.” Under the leadership of co-founder and CEO, Toni Maloney, Bpeace works with entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries to “scale their businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women." With an emphasis on advancing the role of women in business, Bpeace has reached the conflict-affected regions of Afghanistan, Rwanda and El Salvador.
BPELscript is a language to specify BPEL processes. It provides a compact syntax inspired by scripting languages such as JavaScript and Ruby and a full coverage of all features provided by BPEL.
The Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL), commonly known as BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), is an OASIS standard executable language for specifying actions within business processes with web services.
BPE may refer to:
The Bataan Provincial Expressway, also known as the Bataan Provincial Highway or the Roman Superhighway, is a toll two-lane expressway that connects Bataan to the provinces of the Central Luzon region in the Philippines.
Blepharophimosis is a congenital condition characterized by a horizontally narrow palpebral fissure. It is also part of a syndrome blepharophimosis, ptosis, and epicanthus inversus syndrome, also called blepharophimosis syndrome, which is a condition where the patient has bilateral ptosis with reduced lid size, vertically and horizontally.
Bespin is a fictional planet, a gas giant in Star Wars films and books. The planet was first seen in the 1980 feature film The Empire Strikes Back.
BPEA may refer to:

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