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The BPF Party (Belarusian: Партыя БНФ, translit. Partyja BNF or ПБНФ PBNF), is a political party in Belarus.
BPF may refer to:
The BPF Youth (Belarusian: Моладзь БНФ, translit. Moladź BNF) is the largest youth-led, party political organization in Belarus, the youth wing of the BPF Party.
BPFC may refer to:
The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America (BPFNA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The Bulgarian Professional Football League (Българска професионална футболна лига) or BPFL (БПФЛ) organizes the Bulgarian A Professional Football Group, Bulgarian B Professional Football Group and the Bulgarian Cup tournaments.
BP Fallon (born Bernard Fallon on 24 August 1946) is an Irish DJ, author, photographer, and musician. He lives in Austin, Texas.
The Ford World Rally Team, also known as the Ford Motor Co. Team prior to 2005, is Ford Motor Company's full factory World Rally Championship team.
The Bulgarian Second Professional Football League (Bulgarian: Втора професионална футболна лига) or simply Second League (Bulgarian: Втора Лига) is the second level of the Bulgarian football league system, below First League and above the Third League.
The 2009–10 B Group was the 55th season of the Bulgarian B Football Group, the second tier of the Bulgarian football league system.

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