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BPN can stand for:
Barrie Phillip Nichol (30 September 1944 Vancouver, British Columbia – 25 September 1988 Toronto, Ontario), known as bpNichol, was a Canadian poet, writer, sound poet , editor and grOnk/Ganglia Press publisher.
The BP National Championships is a defunct Grand Prix and ATP Tour tennis tournament played from 1988 to 1995. It was held in Wellington in New Zealand and was played on outdoor hard courts.
MV B. P. Newton was a Norwegian tanker built in 1940, and sunk by German submarine off South America in July 1943.
Aker BP ASA is an oil exploration and development company focusing petroleum resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
The Natural World Book Prize was an award organised by The Wildlife Trusts, and presented to recognise environmental literature.
BP P.L.C., formerly British Petroleum, is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London.
Binomial nomenclature (also called binominal nomenclature or binary nomenclature) is a formal system of naming species of living things by giving each a name composed of two parts, both of which use Latin grammatical forms, although they can be based on words from other languages.

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