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BSC may refer to:
Young Boys of Bern is a Swiss sports club based in the capital city Bern, best known for its professional football team.
Bschlabs is a village in the Austrian municipality of Pfafflar, Bschlaber Valley, which consists of about 70 buildings with about 90 residents.
BSC Glasgow Football Club is a Scottish football team originating in Glasgow, although from 2016 home matches are being played at The Indodrill Stadium in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.
Seipin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BSCL2 gene.
Basler Sportclub Old Boys, commonly known as BSC Old Boys or Old Boys Basel, is a Swiss sports club based in Basel.
BSC Kickers 1900 is a German football club from the Schöneberg district of south central Berlin. The roots of the club are in the establishment of Berliner Thor- und Fußball Club Elf on 1 November 1900. This was followed by a series of mergers that led to the formation of Schöneberger FC Kickers 1900 in 1923 and the club's advance to first division play in the Oberliga Berlin-Brandenburg (I).
BSC YB Frauen is a Swiss women's football team representing BSC Young Boys in the Nationalliga A.

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