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Building System Integration (BSI-Steel) is an industrial company situated in the Doha New Industrial Area, Qatar.
BSIM (Berkeley Short-channel IGFET Model) refers to a family of MOSFET transistor models for integrated circuit design.
Film speed is the measure of a photographic film's sensitivity to light, determined by sensitometry and measured on various numerical scales, the most recent being the ISO system.
BSix Sixth Form College: Brooke House is a sixth form college located in Upper Clapton, London in the United Kingdom.
A coupling (or a coupler) is a mechanism for connecting rolling stock in a train. The design of the coupler is standard, and is almost as important as the track gauge, since flexibility and convenience are maximised if all rolling stock can be coupled together.
The BSI Challenger Lugano is a defunct professional tennis tournament played on outdoor red clay courts.
Bsisa (Arabic: بسيسة‎‎, Berber aḍemmin Hebrew: בסיסה‎‎) is a typical North African food, based on flour of roasted barley which dates back to Roman times.

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