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The meaning of «bsr»

BSR is an abbreviation that has a number of meanings:
BSR Valladolid, more commonly known by its sponsorship naming Fundación Grupo Norte, is a wheelchair basketball team based in Valladolid, Castile and Léon, Spain.
The Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills, commonly known as BSRM, is a Bangladeshi steel manufacturing conglomerate based in Chittagong.
The BSR Towers are a complex of four towers, two built on opposite sides of Ben Gurion Road, dividing the cities of Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv in Israel, and a third building set to be completed in 2012 on Kinneret Street.
BSRA may refer to:
Bhavan's Sri RamaKrishna Vidyalaya (BSRKV) is a private school in Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, India run by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan educational trust.
The Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 (alias INTERREG IV B programme for the Baltic Sea region) is a support programme part-financed by the European Union and Norway.

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