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Blessthefall (stylized as blessthefall or BLESSTHEFALL prior to 2013) is an American metalcore band from Scottsdale, Arizona, signed to Fearless Records.
Transcription factor BTF3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BTF3 gene.
Fon Wireless Ltd. is a company incorporated and registered in the United Kingdom that provides wireless services.
BTF may refer to the following:
XPB (xeroderma pigmentosum type B) is an ATP-dependent DNA helicase in humans that is a part of the TFIIH transcription factor complex.
Advanced meat recovery (AMR) is a slaughterhouse deboning process by which the last traces of skeletal muscle meat are removed from animal bones after the primal cuts have been carved off manually.
BTFs (Bons du Trésor à taux fixe et à intérêts précomptés) are fixed-rate short-term discount Treasury bills issued by the French debt agency Agence France Trésor (AFT).
BTFC can refer to one of the following English football clubs:

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