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The BTZ black hole, named after Máximo Bañados, Claudio Teitelboim, and Jorge Zanelli, is a black hole solution for (2+1)-dimensional topological gravity with a negative cosmological constant.
In molecular biology, the Btz domain (CASC3/Barentsz eIF4AIII binding domain) is a protein domain found on CASC3 (cancer susceptibility candidate gene 3 protein) which is also known as Barentsz (Btz).
BTZ black hole, named after Bañados, Teitelboim and Zanelli
BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment.
BT Group plc (trading as BT) is a holding company which owns British Telecommunications plc, a British multinational telecommunications company with head offices in London, United Kingdom.
Btrfs (B-tree file system, pronounced as "butter F S", "better F S", "b-tree F S", or simply by spelling it out) is a file system based on the copy-on-write (COW) principle, initially designed at Oracle Corporation for use in Linux.
The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs).
BtoB (; Korean: 비투비; acronym for Born to Beat) is a South Korean boy group formed in 2012 by Cube Entertainment.

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