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Buj is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.
The Bujinkan (武神館) is an international martial arts organization based in Japan and headed by Masaaki Hatsumi.
Bujumbura (; French pronunciation: ​[buʒumbuʁa]), formerly Usumbura, is the capital, largest city, and main port of Burundi.
Buju Banton (born Mark Anthony Myrie; 15 July 1973) is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae musician.
Bujanovac (Serbian Cyrillic: Бујановац, pronounced [bǔjanɔvats]; Albanian: Bujanoc) is a town and municipality located in the Pčinja District of the southern Serbia.
Bujingai (武刃街), known in North America as Bujingai: The Forsaken City and in Europe as Bujingai: Swordmaster, is an action video game developed by Taito Corporation in collaboration with Red Entertainment, exclusively for the PlayStation 2 console.
The Bujagali Power Station is a hydroelectric power station across the Victoria Nile that harnesses the energy of its namesake – the Bujagali Falls – in Uganda.
The Bujang Valley (Malay: Lembah Bujang) is a sprawling historical complex and has an area of approximately 224 km2 situated near Merbok, Kedah, between Gunung Jerai in the north and Muda River in the south, it is the richest archaeological area in Malaysia.
Bujar Nishani (Albanian pronunciation: [bujaɾ ni'ʃani]; born 29 September 1966) is an Albanian politician who was President of Albania from 24 July 2012 to 24 July 2017.
Bujjigadu (Telugu: బుజ్జిగాడు) is a 2008 Telugu language film directed by Puri Jagannadh and produced by K. S.

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