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BUO may refer to :
A buoyancy compensator, also called a buoyancy control device, BC, BCD, stabilizer, stabilisor, stab jacket, wing or ABLJ depending on design, is a piece of diving equipment containing an inflatable bladder which is worn by divers to establish neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy on the surface, when needed.
In science, buoyancy ( /ˈbɔɪ.ənsi, -əntsi/ or /ˈbuːjənsi, -jəntsi/;) or upthrust, is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object.
A buoy (/ˈbɔɪ/, also /ˈbwɔɪ/ or US: /ˈbuːiː/) is a floating device that can have many purposes. It can be anchored (stationary) or allowed to drift with ocean currents.
Buoyancy aids are a specialist form of personal flotation device (PFD) used most commonly by kayakers, canoeists and dinghy sailors.
Buona (sometimes referred to as Buona Beef) is an American restaurant chain that specializes in Italian beef, along with other dishes such as pizzas, and Chicago-style hot dogs.
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell is a 1968 Technicolor American comedy film starring Gina Lollobrigida and directed by Melvin Frank, who co-wrote the original screenplay with Denis Norden and Sheldon Keller.

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