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BV, B.V., Bv, bV, or bv may refer to:
The Brig-Visp-Zermatt-Bahn (BVZ) – officially known between 1991 and 2002 as the BVZ Zermatt-Bahn – is a metre gauge railway in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.
The BvS 10 is an All Terrain Armoured Vehicle produced by BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds of Sweden and under license by FNSS of Turkey.
BVE Trainsim (originally Boso View Express) is a Japanese three-dimensional computer-based train simulator.
BV Den Helder was a professional basketball club from Den Helder, Netherlands. The team had several seasons in the Dutch Basketball League, the highest professional league in the Netherlands.
The Bvumba Mountains or Vumba Mountains straddle the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border, and are situated some 10 km south east of Mutare.
The BVP M-80, is a tracked Yugoslavian-made infantry fighting vehicle, produced from the 1980s until the country's collapse in the 1990s.

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