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The BVP M-80, is a full tracked Yugoslavian made infantry fighting vehicle, produced from the 1980s until the country's collapse in the 1990s.
The BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle. BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty 1 (Russian: Боевая Машина Пехоты 1; БМП-1), meaning "infantry fighting vehicle".
The BMP-2 (Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty, Russian: Боевая Машина Пехоты; infantry combat vehicle) is a second-generation, amphibious infantry fighting vehicle introduced in the 1980s in the Soviet Union, following on from the BMP-1 of the 1960s.
BVP can refer to:
The Bolsa de Valores y Productos de Asunción (BVPASA) is a stock exchange located in Asuncion, Paraguay.
B. V. Prasad (born Barla Venkata Vara Prasad) was an Indian film director known for his works in Telugu cinema.
APEX stands for Additive system of Photographic EXposure, which was proposed in the 1960 ASA standard for monochrome film speed, ASA PH2.5-1960, as a means of simplifying exposure computation.
The Blohm & Voss Bv P 188 was a long-range, heavy jet bomber) design project by the Blohm & Voss aircraft manufacturing division during the last years of the Third Reich.
Bartholomew Voorsanger is an American architect.

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