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The BvS 10 is an All Terrain Armoured Vehicle produced by BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds of Sweden and under license by FNSS of Turkey.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Superman.
BVS Performance Solutions is a technology company that provides training, consumer financial education and video communication tools to retail banks, community banks and credit unions in the US.
Saban Entertainment (along with Saban International, which operated outside the US) was a worldwide-served independent American-Israeli television production company formed in 1983 by music and television producers Haim Saban and Shuki Levy as "Saban Productions", a U.S.
Donald Thomas Campbell (November 20, 1916 – May 5, 1996) was an American social scientist. He is noted for his work in methodology.
The Boulder Valley School District No. Re2 is a school district in Colorado, headquartered in the BVSD Education Center in unincorporated Boulder County, near Boulder.
BVS may stand for:
Budapesti Vasutas Sport Club is a water polo club from Budapest, Hungary. The team competes in the Országos Bajnokság I.
Bush House is a Grade II listed building between Aldwych and the Strand in Central London at the southern end of Kingsway.
Budapesti Vasutas Sport Club is a professional football club based in Zugló, Budapest, Hungary, that competes in the BLSZ III.

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