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BWT Aktiengesellschaft is an Austrian German company with its headquarters in Mondsee. The company's name is an acronym derived from Best Water Technology.
Bwtech@UMBC Research and Technology Park is the university research park for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Burrows–Wheeler transform (BWT, also called block-sorting compression) rearranges a character string into runs of similar characters.
The Bahrain World Trade Center (also called Bahrain WTC or BWTC) is a 240-metre-high (787 ft), 50-floor, twin tower complex located in Manama, Bahrain.
Bishop's Waltham Town Football Club was a football club based in Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, England.
The British Women's Temperance Association (BWTA) was founded following a meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1876 featuring American temperance activist "Mother" Eliza Stewart.
BW Tower is an office building located in Lahti, Finland. The building was designed by the Finnish architecture company Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy Jyväskylä and completed in the end of the year 2015. The name of the building originates from the coat of arms of Lahti which depicts a burning wheel.
The Wassermann test or Wassermann reaction (WR) is an antibody test for syphilis, named after the bacteriologist August Paul von Wassermann, based on complement-fixation.
BlindWrite, the successor to BlindRead, is a computer program that writes to recordable CDs. The Blindread software, which reads CDs and writes CD image files, has been discontinued as a separately released product, but BlindRead's code is included in the newer BlindWrite suite of software that also code to control CD writers.
The Bretton Woods twins refers to the two multilateral organizations created at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. They are:

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