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Byhalia (bye-HAY-yah), pronounced "bye-HAIL-yah" by some residents, is a town in Marshall County, Mississippi.
The Byham Theater is a landmark building at 101 Sixth Street in the Cultural District of Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
Byhleguhre-Byhlen (Lower Sorbian: Běła Góra-Bělin) is a municipality in the district of Dahme-Spreewald in Brandenburg in Germany.
Byhalia is an unincorporated community in Washington Township, Union County, Ohio, United States. It is located at 40°27′13″N 83°27′20″W, at the intersection of State Routes 31 and 739.
Byhalia United Methodist Church is a historic Methodist church building on College Avenue in Byhalia, Mississippi.
Byhåla (a derogative slang term for a boring village) is a comedy series featuring Ronny and Ragge, played by Fredde Granberg and Peter Settman.
Arkansas International Airport (IATA: BYH, ICAO: KBYH, FAA LID: BYH) is a public use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) northwest of the central business district of Blytheville, a city in Mississippi County, Arkansas, United States.
Bykhaw (Belarusian: Бы́хаў, Łacinka: Bychaŭ, pronounced [ˈbɨxaʊ]) or Bykhov (Russian: Бы́хов, Polish: Bychów, Yiddish: Bihov ,ביחאָוו‎, Lithuanian: Bychavas) is a town in the eastern Belarusian voblast of Mahilyow.
In the mathematical theory of functions of one or more complex variables, and also in complex algebraic geometry, a biholomorphism or biholomorphic function is a bijective holomorphic function whose inverse is also holomorphic.
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