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Caatinga (Portuguese pronunciation: [ka.aˈtĩɡɐ]) is a type of desert vegetation, and an ecoregion characterized by this vegetation in interior northeastern Brazil.
In molecular biology, a CCAAT box (also sometimes abbreviated a CAAT box or CAT box) is a distinct pattern of nucleotides with GGCCAATCT consensus sequence that occur upstream by 60-100 bases to the initial transcription site.
Caazapá (Spanish pronunciation: [ka(a)saˈpa]) is a department in Paraguay. The capital is the city of Caazapá.
The GP2X Caanoo, more commonly known as Cannoo, stylized CAANOO, is an open source, Linux-based handheld video game console and portable media player developed by the South Korean company GamePark Holdings.
Caaguazú (Spanish pronunciation: [ka(a)ɣwaˈsu]) is a department in Paraguay. The capital is the city of Coronel Oviedo.
CAAC Airlines (Chinese: 中国民航) was the airline division of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the monopoly civil airline in the People's Republic of China.
The Caaf Water in western Scotland (Keaff in 1747 also Caff) drains from the Caaf Reservoir above Dalry which is fed from Knockendon Reservoir.
CAAMFest, known prior to 2013 as the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF), is presented every March in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States as the nation’s largest showcase for new Asian American and Asian films.
CAAL Racing in an Italian racing team competing in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series among other racing series.

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