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The meaning of «caf»

CAF or caf may refer to:
Café Tacuba (stylized Café Tacvba) is a band from Ciudad Satélite, Mexico. The group gained popularity in the early 1990s.
Marcos Evangelista de Morais (born 7 June 1970), known as Cafu [kaˈfu], is a Brazilian former professional footballer who played as a defender.
Café Society is a 2016 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen. It stars Jeannie Berlin, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll and Ken Stott.
A café racer ( KAF-ray-sər or more commonly KA-fei-RAY-sər) is a lightweight, lightly powered motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort – and for quick rides over short distances.
Café au lait spots or café au lait macules are flat, pigmented birthmarks. The name café au lait is French for "coffee with milk" and refers to their light-brown color.

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