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Cal may refer to:
California ( KAL-i-FORN-yə, -FOR-nee-ə) is the most populous state in the United States and the third most extensive by area.
Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise. The series began on Microsoft Windows, and later expanded to consoles and handhelds.
Calvinism (also called the Reformed tradition, Reformed Christianity, Reformed Protestantism, or the Reformed faith) is a major branch of Protestantism that follows the theological tradition and forms of Christian practice of John Calvin and other Reformation-era theologians.
An electronic calculator is typically a portable electronic device used to perform calculations, ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics.
A caliphate (Arabic: خِلافة‎‎ khilāfa) is a state under the leadership of an Islamic steward known as a caliph (, Arabic: خَليفة‎‎ khalīfah, pronunciation ), a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad (Muhammad ibn ʿAbdullāh) and a leader of the entire Muslim community.
John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (; July 4, 1872 – January 5, 1933) was the 30th President of the United States (1923–29).
Calgary () is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is situated at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the south of the province, in an area of foothills and prairie, about 80 km (50 mi) east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies.

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