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Caquetá Department (Spanish pronunciation: [kakeˈta]) is a department of Colombia. Located in the Amazonas region, Caquetá borders with the departments of Cauca and Huila to the west, the department of Meta to the north, the department of Guaviare to the northeast, the department of Vaupés to the east, the departments of Amazonas and Putumayo to the south covering a total area of 88,965 km², the third largest in the country.
The Caquetá moist forests (NT0107) is an ecoregion of tropical moist broad leaf forest to the east of the Andes in the east of Colombia, with a small section in Brazil, in the Amazon biome.
Caquetio, Caiquetio, or Caiquetia, were natives of northwestern Venezuela, living along the shores of Lake Maracaibo at the time of the Spanish conquest.
The Kaqchikel, or Kaqchiquel, language (in modern orthography; formerly also spelled Cakchiquel or Cakchiquiel) is an indigenous Mesoamerican language and a member of the Quichean–Mamean branch of the Mayan languages family.
Caquetaia myersi is a species of fish endemic to the basin of the Amazon River, specifically the Putumayo and Napo rivers.
Caquiaviri is a location in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. It is the seat of the Caquiaviri Municipality, the second municipal section of the Pacajes Province.
Caquetaia kraussii is a species of fish endemic to the basin of the Atrato, Cauca, Magdalena, as well as the basin of Lake Maracaibo.

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