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Caxias do Sul (Portuguese pronunciation: [kaˈʃias du ˈsuw]) is a city in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, situated in the state's mountainous Serra Gaúcha region.
Caxton is a small rural village and civil parish in South Cambridgeshire, England. It is 9 miles west of the county town of Cambridge.
The Caxton Club is a private social club and bibliophilic society founded in Chicago in 1895 to promote the book arts and the history of the book.
Caxiuanã National Forest (Portuguese: Floresta Nacional de Caxiuanã, also FLONA de Caxiuanã) is a national forest located in lower Amazon region the state of Pará in the North Region of Brazil.
Caxton Hall is a building on the corner of Caxton Street and Palmer Street, in Westminster, London, England.
The caxirola (pronounced [kaʃiˈɾɔla]) is a Brazilian percussion instrument created by Carlinhos Brown and consisting of a closed plastic basket with a flat-bottom filled with small synthetic particles, in an attempt to create a sustainable product.
Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers is a newspaper company.
Caxton FX is a UK-based foreign exchange, international payments and prepaid card provider based at Portland House in Westminster, London, England.
The Caxcan were a partly nomadic indigenous people of Mexico. Under their leader, Francisco Tenamaztle, the Caxcan were allied with the Zacatecos against the Spaniards during the Mixtón Rebellion in 1540-42. During the rebellion, they were described as "the heart and the center of the Indian Rebellion".

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