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CBA may refer to:
CBAFT-DT (branded on-air as ICI Acadie) is the Ici Radio-Canada Télé owned-and-operated television station for Atlantic Canada, serving Acadians in the Maritimes and Franco-Newfoundlanders in Newfoundland and Labrador.
CBAF-FM is a French-language Canadian radio station located in Moncton, New Brunswick. The station has an ad-free news/talk format and is the flagship of the Ici Radio-Canada Première network for Atlantic Canada.
CBAM-FM is a radio station broadcasting at 106.1 MHz from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and is the local Radio One station of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
CBAF-FM-5 is a French-language Canadian radio station located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Cbazaar is an ethnic fashion portal owned by Net Avenue Technologies Private Limited, headquartered in Chennai.
CBASIC is a compiled version of the BASIC programming language written for the CP/M operating system by Gordon Eubanks in 1976–1977. It is an enhanced version of BASIC-E.
CBAT-DT is the CBC Television owned-and-operated television station for the province of New Brunswick.
Calcium-binding atopy-related autoantigen 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CBARA1 gene.

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