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CBB can stand for:
CBBC (originally Children's BBC) is a British children's television strand owned by the BBC and aimed for older children aged from 6 to 15. BBC programming aimed at under six year old children is broadcast on the CBeebies channel.
CBBC (Short for Children's BBC) is a British free-to-air children's television channel operated by the BBC.
CBBX-FM is a Canadian radio station. It broadcasts the Société Radio-Canada's Ici Musique network at 90.9 FM in Sudbury, Ontario.
For the Canadian radio station, see CBBS-FM.
CBBS-FM is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's CBC Radio 2 network on 90.1 FM in Sudbury, Ontario.
Celebrity Big Brother 2007, also known as Celebrity Big Brother 5, was the highly controversial fifth series of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother.
This is a list of television programmes that are either currently being broadcast, or have previously been broadcast on the children's television strand of the BBC in the United Kingdom, which includes both CBBC and CBeebies.

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