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CDB can refer to:
CDB are an Australian R&B, dance and vocal harmony quartet formed in 1991 with Andrew De Silva, Brad Pinto and his brother Gary Pinto, as well as Danny Williams.
cdb, short for "constant database", refers to both a library and data format created by Daniel J. Bernstein.
CDBurnerXP is an optical disc authoring utility for Windows 2000 and later, written mostly in Visual Basic .NET as of version 4, released in September 2007. It has international language support.
Club Deportivo Basket Zaragoza, a.k.a. Mann Filter Zaragoza for sponsorship reasons, was a Spanish women's basketball club from Zaragoza that played in the LFB.
CDB Deporte y Amistad, more known as Fundación Adepal Alcázar, is a professional basketball team based in Alcázar de San Juan, Castilla La Mancha.
Ulipristal acetate is a medication used for emergency contraception and uterine fibroids. It is a selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM).
Club Basket Bilbao Berri S.A.D., commonly known as Bilbao Basket (pronounced [bilˈβao basˈket]) and as RETAbet Bilbao Basket for sponsorship reasons, is a professional basketball club based in Bilbao, Spain.
Club Deportivo de Baloncesto de Sevilla S.A.D., also known as Real Betis Energía Plus for sponsorship reasons, is a professional basketball team based in Seville, Spain.

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