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CFU-GEMM is a colony forming unit that generates myeloid cells. CFU-GEMM cells are the multipotential progenitor cells for myeloid cells; they are thus also called common myeloid progenitor cells or myeloid stem cells.
CFU758 is a low-power broadcaster, using the on-air brand 90.7 RAV FM. It is the only licensed high school radio station in Thornhill, Ontario and is owned and operated by Vaughan Secondary School.
CFU-E is a hematopoietic colony forming unit. It arises from CFU-GEMM (via BFU-E, which stands for "erythroid burst-forming units") and gives rise to proerythroblasts.
CFU-GM (or "GMP", for "granulocyte-macrophage progenitor") is a colony forming unit. It is derived from CFU-GEMM.
CFUV-FM is a campus/community radio station broadcasting on 101.9 FM in British Columbia, Canada. It serves the University of Victoria, Greater Victoria and, via cable, Vancouver Island and many areas in the Lower Mainland.
CFUR-FM is a Canadian FM radio station, broadcasting at FM 88.7 in Prince George, British Columbia. A campus radio station based at the University of Northern British Columbia.
CFU-Meg is a colony forming unit.
CFU-Eo is a colony forming unit that gives rise to eosinophils. Some sources prefer the term "CFU-Eos".
CFUT-FM, branded as Radio 911, is a Canadian community radio station broadcasting in Shawinigan, Quebec.

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