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CFXJ-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 93.5 FM in Toronto, Ontario owned by Newcap Radio.
CFX Bank, whose full name is CFX Bank Limited, was a commercial bank in Zimbabwe. It was one of the licensed commercial banks in the country.
CFXW-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts an active rock format at 96.7 FM in Whitecourt, Alberta.
CFXU-FM, branded as "the Fox", is a radio station broadcasting at 93.3 FM in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.
CFXY-FM is a Canadian radio station in Fredericton, New Brunswick that broadcasts at 105.3 FM. The station uses its on-air brand as 105.3 The Fox with an Active rock format.
CFXM-FM 104.9 MHz is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts a French language commercial easy listening format in Granby, Quebec.

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