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The CGS Hawk is a family of high wing, strut-braced, pusher configuration, single and two-seats-in-tandem ultralight aircraft, designed by Chuck Slusarczyk and manufactured by CGS Aviation.
CGS Margaret was the first vessel to be built specifically for the Canadian Customs Preventive Service.
CGS C.D. Howe was a controversial Canadian Arctic patrol vessel that served first with the Department of Transport, then the Canadian Coast Guard.
CGS Aviation, Inc. is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Grand Bay, Alabama. The company was founded by Chuck Slusarczyk in the early 1970s in Broadview Heights, Ohio as Chuck's Glider Supplies.
CGS Stanley has been described as Canada's first effective icebreaker. She was launched in 1888, and remained in service until 1935. Constructed in the United Kingdom, Stanley was deployed along the East Coast of Canada for use as a ferry and lighthouse and buoy supply vessel and was used for icebreaking during winter months.
CGS Acadia was a fisheries patrol vessel of the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries from 1885 to 1909. The ship began life as the yacht Yosemite, constructed in the United States in 1880. After being acquired in 1885 by Canada and renamed Acadia, the ship served in the Atlantic fisheries, enforcing fisheries regulations in Canadian waters.

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