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CBXFT-DT, virtual channel 11 (UHF digital channel 47), is a Ici Radio-Canada Télé owned-and-operated television station located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada serving the province's Franco-Albertan population.
A computer-animated film is a feature film that has been computer-animated to appear three-dimensional.
The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) uses three-letter abbreviation country codes to refer to each group of athletes that participate in the Commonwealth Games.
CIXF-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 101.1 FM in Brooks, Alberta. The station broadcasts an adult hits format branded as Boom 101.1 and is owned by Stingray Digital.
The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the international organisation responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games, and is the foremost authority in matters relating to the games.
Common Logic (CL) is a framework for a family of logic languages, based on first-order logic, intended to facilitate the exchange and transmission of knowledge in computer-based systems.The CL definition permits and encourages the development of a variety of different syntactic forms, called dialects.

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