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CHJX-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day at 99.9 FM in London, Ontario. The station airs a Christian music format branded as Faith FM.
CHJJ-FM is a christian radio station which broadcasts a christian adult contemporary format on 90.7 MHz/FM in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
CHJM-FM is a French-language Canadian radio station located in Saint-Georges, Quebec.
A number of trigraphs are found in the Latin script, most of these used especially in Irish orthography.
Major Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury, 20th Earl of Waterford, 5th Earl Talbot KCVO (13 November 1860 – 7 May 1921), styled Viscount Ingestre from 1868 to 1877, was a British peer.
The Zhangjiakou South Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 张家口南站; traditional Chinese: 張家口南站; pinyin: Zhāngjiākǒu-nán Zhàn) is a railway station of Jingbao Railway, Zhangji Railway and Jingzhang Intercity Railway that located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China.
The Mazatec Shamans are known for their ritual use of psilocybin mushrooms, psychoactive morning glory seeds, and Salvia divinorum.

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