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Chng Suan Tze v. Minister for Home Affairs is a seminal case in administrative law decided by the Court of Appeal of Singapore in 1988. The Court decided the appeal in the appellants' favour on a technical ground, but considered obiter dicta the reviewability of government power in preventive detention cases under the Internal Security Act ("ISA").
CHNU-DT, virtual channel 66 (UHF digital channel 47), is an Independent television station serving southwestern British Columbia, Canada, including Metro Vancouver, Victoria, the Fraser Valley and surrounding areas.
CHNM-DT, virtual channel 42 (UHF digital channel 20), is an Omni Television owned-and-operated television station located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
CHNB-DT (branded on-air as Global New Brunswick) is the Global owned-and-operated television station, serving New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that is licensed to Saint John, New Brunswick.
CHNC-FM is a French-language Canadian radio station located in New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada.
CHNI-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 88.9 FM in Saint John, New Brunswick owned by Newcap Radio.
Chng Seok Tin (莊心珍; born 1946) is a visually-impaired printmaker, sculptor and multi-media artist from Singapore.

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