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Cid may refer to:
Cider ( SY-dər) is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples.
CID is an Indian detective television anthology series about Maharashtra and Mumbai's Crime Investigation Department, created by B. P.
Cider in the United Kingdom is widely available at pubs, off licences, and grocery stores. It has been made in regions of the country where cider apples were grown since Roman times; in those regions it is intertwined with local culture.
Cidra (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsiðɾa], Cider) is a municipality of Puerto Rico (U.S.) located in the central region of the island, north of Cayey; south of Comerío and Aguas Buenas; east of Aibonito and Barranquitas; and west of Caguas.
Cidofovir (brand name Vistide) is an injectable antiviral medication primarily used as a treatment for cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis (an infection of the retina of the eye) in people with AIDS.
In the United States, the definition of cider is usually more broad than in Europe, specifically Ireland and the UK.
CID may refer to:
Cid (Sidney) Corman (June 29, 1924 – March 12, 2004) was an American poet, translator and editor, most notably of Origin, who was a key figure in the history of American poetry in the second half of the 20th century.
Cidade Velha (Portuguese for "old city", in Cape Verdean Creole: Sidadi, also as Sidadi Velha or Sidadi Bedja) is a town in the southern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde.

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