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CIH or cih may refer to:
The Cihai is a large-scale Chinese dictionary and encyclopedia. The Zhonghua Book Company published the first Cihai edition in 1938, and the Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House revised editions in 1979, 1989, 1999, and 2009. A standard bibliography of Chinese reference works (Teng and Biggerstaff 1971:134) calls the Cihai an "outstanding dictionary".
CIH, also known as Chernobyl or Spacefiller, is a Microsoft Windows 9x computer virus which first emerged in 1998. Its payload is highly destructive to vulnerable systems, overwriting critical information on infected system drives, and in some cases destroying the system BIOS.
CIHF-DT (branded on-air as Global Halifax) is the Global owned-and-operated television station, serving Nova Scotia that is licensed to Halifax.
Emin Cihangir Akşit (born July 16, 1953) is the current Director of the NATO Standardization Agency (NSA).
Cihan Kaan (born 1976) is a musician, filmmaker and author from the United States, who resides in New York.
Cihu Mausoleum (Chinese: 慈湖陵寢; pinyin: Cíhú Língqǐn), officially known as the Mausoleum of Late President Chiang (Chinese: 先總統 蔣公陵寢; pinyin: Xiān Zǒngtǒng Jiǎnggōng Língqǐn) or President Chiang Kai-shek Mausoleum is the temporary resting place of President Chiang Kai-shek.
In Aztec mythology, Cihuacoatl [siwaˈkoːaːt͡ɬ] ("snake woman"; also Cihuacóatl) was one of a number of motherhood and fertility goddesses.

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