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CJFW-FM is a Canadian radio station, airing at 103.1 FM in Terrace, British Columbia. It is owned by Bell Media, broadcasting a country music format to communities throughout northwestern B.C.
CJFO-FM (branded as Unique FM) is a radio station which broadcasts a francophone community radio format on the frequency 94.5 FM/MHz in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
CJFX-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 98.9 FM in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The station also broadcasts at 102.5 FM in Inverness County, Nova Scotia.
CJFB-FM is a community/tourist information radio service that operates at 105.5 FM (soon to be 102.7 FM) in Bolton, Ontario.
CJFB-TV was a television station in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. The station was in operation from 1957 to 2002 as a private affiliate of CBC Television.
CJFL-FM, also known as "CIY368" was a Canadian LPFM radio station, broadcasting at 104.7 FM in Iroquois Falls, Ontario.
CJFY-FM is a Canadian radio station in Miramichi, New Brunswick broadcasting on 96.5 MHz. The station broadcasts a Christian music format and is owned by Miramichi Fellowship Center, Inc.
CJFH-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 94.3 FM in Woodstock, Ontario. The station airs a Christian music format branded as Hope FM.
CJFI 107.1 The Island-FM is a First Nations community radio station operating at 107.1 MHz (FM) in Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada.

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