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Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu (CKP) is an ethno-religious clan of South Asia. Traditionally, the CKPs have been granted the upper caste status, which allowed them to study the Vedas and perform religious rites along with Brahmins.
CKPG-TV, VHF analogue channel 2, is a City-affiliated television station located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
CKPR-DT is a privately owned television station serving as an affiliate of CTV in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
CKPK-FM is a radio station in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It broadcasts at 102.7 MHz on the FM dial.
CKPC is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts at 1380 kHz in Brantford, Ontario, with its transmitter in the nearby township of Oakland.
CKPC-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 92.1 FM from 571 West Street in Brantford, Ontario.
CKPT-FM is a Canadian radio station with a hot adult contemporary format broadcasting at 99.7 FM in Peterborough, Ontario.
CKPM-FM is a Canadian radio station. Licensed to Port Moody, British Columbia and operating at 98.7 FM, the station serves the Tri-Cities area.
CKPR-FM is a radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Dougall Media, the station broadcasts a hot adult contemporary format at 91.5 FM, and 93.5 FM in Atikokan, Ontario.
CKPP-FM is a radio station which broadcasts hot adult contemporary station at 107.9 MHz (FM) in Prescott, Ontario, Canada.

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