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CKY-DT, VHF channel 7, is a CTV owned-and-operated television station located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
The CKY video series is a series of videos produced by Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo and other residents of West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Cytochromes P450 (CYPs) are proteins of the superfamily containing heme as a cofactor and, therefore, are hemeproteins.
CKXT-DT was a broadcast television station based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that broadcast to much of southern and eastern Ontario.
A cytoskeleton is present in all cells of all domains of life (archaea, bacteria, eukaryotes). It is a complex network of interlinking filaments and tubules that extend throughout the cytoplasm, from the nucleus to the plasma membrane.
CKYL is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts a country music radio format at 610 AM in Peace River, Alberta and also several different other frequencies on the FM dial.
CKST is a radio station located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Owned by Bell Media, the station broadcasts a sports talk format branded as TSN Radio 1040. CKST's studios are located on Robson and Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver, while its transmitters are located in Delta.
Cytokines are a broad and loose category of small proteins (~5–20 kDa) that are important in cell signaling.

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