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Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are fully halogenated paraffin hydrocarbons that contain only carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as volatile derivative of methane, ethane, and propane.
Porphyrins are a group of heterocyclic macrocycle organic compounds, composed of four modified pyrrole subunits interconnected at their α carbon atoms via methine bridges (=CH−).
Chlorine trifluoride is an interhalogen compound with the formula ClF3. This colourless, poisonous, corrosive, and extremely reactive gas condenses to a pale-greenish yellow liquid, the form in which it is most often sold (pressurized at room temperature).
City of London Freemen's School (CLFS) is a coeducational public school for day and boarding pupils, located at Ashtead Park in Surrey, England.
A compact linear Fresnel reflector (CLFR) – also referred to as a concentrating linear Fresnel reflector – is a specific type of linear Fresnel reflector (LFR) technology.
Cammell Laird 1907 Football Club is a semi-professional football club based in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England.
Perchloryl fluoride is a reactive gas with the chemical formula ClO
Chlorine pentafluoride is an interhalogen compound with formula ClF5. This colourless gas is a strong oxidant that was once a candidate oxidizer for rockets.
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