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CNAC may refer to:
Zhejiang Airlines (Chinese: 浙江航空; pinyin: Zhèjiāng Hángkōng) was an airline based in Jianqiao Airport in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
Caphyae or Kaphyai (Ancient Greek: Καφύαι) was a city of ancient Arcadia situated in a small plain, northwest of the lake of Orchomenus.
CNA Center is a 600-ft (183 m), 44-story high-rise building located at 333 South Wabash Avenue in the central business district of Chicago, Illinois.
The CNA C.II was a small, air-cooled, two cylinder horizontally opposed aircraft engine designed and built in Italy in the late 1930s.
The CNA C-7 was a small nine-cylinder supercharged, geared, single row radial engine designed in Italy in the early 1930s.
The CNA C.VI I.R.C.43 was a six-cylinder, supercharged, inverted, inline engine designed and built in Italy in the 1930s.

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