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Computer numerical control (CNC) is the automation of machine tools by means of computers executing pre-programmed sequences of machine control commands.
CNCO (also known as the best kings of Latin America) are a Latin American boy band formed on December 13, 2015, composed of Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Joel Pimentel, Erick Brian Colón and Zabdiel de Jesús.
Latin American boy band CNCO has released one studio album and seven singles, including three as a featured artist.
CNCD Decision 323/2006 is a decision of Romania's National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) regarding the display of religious symbols in public schools.
CNC router (Or Computer Numerical Control router) is a computer-controlled cutting machine related to the hand held router used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel, plastics, and foams.
CNC3 Television (CNC3) is a television station privately owned by Guardian Media Limited serving Trinidad and Tobago.
CNC riveting is a CNC process used for obtaining permanent mechanical fastening of geometrical shapes ranging from a simple to complex shape like fuselage of an aircraft.
A CNC wood router is a CNC router tool that creates objects from wood. CNC stands for computer numerical control.
CNC World (simplified Chinese: 中国新华新闻电视网英语电视台; traditional Chinese: 中國新華新聞電視網英語電視台; pinyin: Zhōngguó Xīnhuá Xīnwén Diànshì Wǎng Yīngyǔ Diànshìtái) is a 24-hour global English-language news channel, launched on July 1, 2010. It is 51% owned by the China Xinhua News Network Corporation, and 49% by private investors, including Chinese home appliances maker Gree.
CNC plunge milling is often called z-axis milling also. In this process, the feed is provided linearly along the tool axis while doing CNC processing.

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