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COJ may mean:
Cojocna (Hungarian: Kolozs; German: Salzgrub, Klosmarkt) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania. It is composed of eight villages: Boj-Cătun (Bósi alagút), Boju (Kolozsbós), Cara (Kolozskara), Cojocna, Huci (Cserealja), Iuriu de Câmpie (Mezőőr), Moriști (Hurubák) and Straja (Szávatanya).
Coja Petrus Uscan (b. 1680/81 – d.1751) was an Armenian merchant and leader of the Armenian community of Madras who was known for his immense wealth and unflinching devotion and loyalty to the British during the French occupation of Madras.
Colin C. Jorgensen, more commonly known by his pen name Cojo, "Art Juggernaut" or just Cojo for short, (born September 25, 1977 in Montclair, New Jersey) is an American artist, painter, writer, and veteran NYC art blogger currently based out of Ridgewood, Queens.
Cojuangco (Chinese: 許寰哥; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Khó͘-hoân-ko; Southern Min pronunciation: [kʰɔ˥˧ huan˨˦ ko˦˦]) is the Hispanised Filipino-Chinese surname Kho (Hanzi: 許, pronounced [kʰɔ˥˧] in Hokkien and Xu ([s̪u˧ˀ˦]) in Mandarin).
Cojones is a Spanish word, and a loan word in English, that can mean:
Cojedes State (Spanish: Estado Cojedes, IPA: [esˈtaðo koˈxeðes]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela.
The Cojines del Zaque (English: "Cushions of the Zaque") is an archeological site of the Muisca located in the city of Tunja, Boyacá, which in the time of the Muisca Confederation was called Hunza.

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