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Crk-like protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CRKL gene.
CRKSV Jong Colombia is a football club in Curaçao, playing in the country's first division Curaçao League.
CRKSV Jong Holland is a Netherlands Antilles football team based in Willemstad and playing in the First Division of Curaçao League.
Crkvino (Macedonian: Црквино) is a village in the municipality of Veles, Republic of Macedonia.
Church Slavonic, also known as Church Slavic or New Church Slavonic, is the conservative Slavic liturgical language used by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Polish Orthodox Church, Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Serbian Orthodox Church, Ohrid Archbishopric and Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Crkvari is a village in north-eastern Slavonia, situated in municipality town of Orahovica, Virovitica-Podravina County, Croatia.
Crkveni Vrhovci is a village in Požega-Slavonia County, Croatia. The village is administered as a part of the city of Požega.
Crkvina (Cyrillic: Црквина) is a village in the municipality of Bosanski Šamac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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