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The Crnojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Црнојевић, pl. Crnojevići / Црнојевићи) was a medieval noble family that held Zeta, or parts of it; a region north of Lake Skadar corresponding to southern Montenegro and northern Albania, from 1326 to 1362, then 1403 until 1515. Its progenitor Đuraš Ilijić, was the head of Upper Zeta in the Serbian Kingdom and Empire (r.
CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks, sometimes simply referred to as CRN or CRN Digital Talk, is a syndicator and distributor of radio programs and talk radio networks.
Crngrob (pronounced [ˈtsəɾnɡɾɔp]; German: Ehrengruben) is a small village in the Municipality of Škofja Loka in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.
Crni Biseri (Serbian Cyrillic: Црни Бисери, trans. The Black Pearls) was a Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band, notable as one of the pioneers of the former Yugoslav rock scene.
Crna Trava (Serbian Cyrillic: Црна Трава, Serbian pronunciation: [t͡sr̩̂ːnaː trǎːʋa]) is a village and municipality located in the Jablanica District of the southern Serbia.
The Close Range Naval-91 is a naval version of the Medak 30mm automatic gun installed on the Sarath Infantry fighting vehicle, a variant of the Russian (originally Soviet) BMP-2 manufactured in India under license by the Ordnance Factory Medak.
Crnogorski Telekom is the leading telecommunications operator based in Podgorica, Montenegro. It is the largest telecommunications company in Montenegro and provides a full range of fixed-line, mobile, IPTV, and internet telecommunication services.
The CRNHs goal is to improve the knowledge on the function properties of food, on metabolism and on human physiology, from basic research to the study of behaviours and their impact on health.
Crno zlato (English: Black Gold) is the second studio album by Bosnian pop star Maya Berović. It was released December 2008 through the short-lived IN Music s.r.o.
Crno i belo ("Black and White"; Macedonian: Црно и бело [ˈt͡sr̩nɔ i ˈbɛɫɔ]) is a song by Macedonian singer-songwriter Kaliopi.

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