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CRS Racing is a British auto racing team founded by British driver Andrew Kirkaldy and Canadian-Greek entrepreneur and driver Chris Niarchos.
Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 23 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the MED23 gene.
CRST International is a freight company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
CRS4, also known as Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (Italian: Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna), is an interdisciplinary research center, founded by the Sardinia Autonomous Region on November 30, 1990. Since 2003, the center is located in the Technology Park of Sardinia, in the Comune of Pula.
CRISPR () is a family of DNA sequences in bacteria that contains snippets of DNA from viruses that have attacked the bacterium.
Cross-site request forgery, also known as one-click attack or session riding and abbreviated as CSRF (sometimes pronounced sea-surf) or XSRF, is a type of malicious exploit of a website where unauthorized commands are transmitted from a user that the web application trusts.
The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, also known as the 1951 Refugee Convention, is a United Nations multilateral treaty that defines who is a refugee, and sets out the rights of individuals who are granted asylum and the responsibilities of nations that grant asylum.
Circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSD) are a family of sleep disorders affecting (among other bodily processes) the timing of sleep.

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