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CSH (or its styling variants Csh or csh) is a three-letter acronym with multiple meanings:
CSHQA is a full-service design firm in the western United States specializing in architecture, engineering and planning.
CSHVSM-Kairat as used by UEFA or SShVSM-Kairat (Russian: СШВСМ - Специализированная школа высшего спортивного мастерства, meaning roughly Specialized School of Highest Sport Mastership) is a women's football club based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
In computing HP Roman is a family of character sets consisting of HP Roman Extension, HP Roman-8, HP Roman-9 and several variants.
Small Smiles Dental Centers is a privately owned US chain of dental clinics focused on serving children from low-income families.
C#Builder, from Borland Software Corporation, is a computer program that allows programmers to create Microsoft Windows and Web applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework using the programming language C#.
Human placental lactogen (hPL), also called human chorionic somatomammotropin (HCS), is a polypeptide placental hormone, the human form of placental lactogen (chorionic somatomammotropin).
CSH Protocols is an on-line scientific journal and methods database for biologists, published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.
CSHP may refer to:

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