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CTE may refer to:
Ctenophora (/tᵻˈnɒfərə/; singular ctenophore, /ˈtɛnəfɔːr/ or /ˈtiːnəfɔːr/; from the Greek κτείς kteis 'comb' and φέρω pherō 'carry'; commonly known as comb jellies) is a phylum of invertebrate animals that live in marine waters worldwide.
Ctesiphon (/ˈtɛsᵻfɒn/ TESIFON; Greek: Κτησιφῶν; from Parthian/Middle Persian: tyspwn or tysfwn) was an ancient city located on the eastern bank of Tigris, and about 35 kilometers south-east of present day Baghdad.
CTE World also known as Corporate Thugz Entertainment, is an American record label founded by American rapper Young Jeezy and his childhood friend Kinky B.
Ctenizidae is a family of medium-sized mygalomorph spiders that construct burrows with a cork-like trapdoor made of soil, vegetation and silk.
Ctenosaura is a lizard genus commonly known as spinytail iguanas or Ctenosaurs. The genus is part of the large lizard family, Iguanidae and is native to Mexico and Central America.
CTERA Networks is a cloud storage and data protection hardware and software company that specializes in Enterprise File Services and cloud storage gateways, which are integrated with a datacenter or cloud-side service delivery platform, CTERA Portal.
Ctenosaura bakeri, also known as the Utila iguana, Baker's spinytail iguana, swamper or wishiwilly del suampo, is a critically endangered species of spinytail iguana endemic to the island of Utila, one of the Islas de la Bahía off the coast of Honduras.
Ctenosaura similis, commonly known as the black spiny-tailed iguana, black iguana, or black ctenosaur, is a lizard native to Mexico and Central America that has been introduced to the United States in the state of Florida.
For the beetle genus, see Ctesias (beetle).

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